Pipedreams, Text Appeal

I think when you hear that someone didn’t write enough during November to claim their win, the first assumption is that they just weren’t committed enough.

Once you’re in it to win it, not making it feels like the end of the world. For a while. And then you try to get to it again. And this effort is getting you somewhere. Maybe you have your wordiest day in years. Or ever. But maybe this effort isn’t leading you to your goal anyway. Maybe you get close. Maybe you miss the mark by 25k. Maybe more. Who cares? As long as you, as I tried. The only thing I think is sad is if you falter in the face of failure (even though you can always come back next year).

Don’t write your story off. I certainly am not. And you shouldn’t either. And be goddamn proud of any progress whatsoever. Because you brought your story closer to the finish line. Don’t just drop the whole thing, because otherwise it will never get told. That’s what I learned.

And no matter if I will finish this November with 20.000 or 25.000 words I am glad I got closer to the end.